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I am (and this is) Bipolar in the Country

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Well hello there and welcome to Bipolar in the Country!

BitC is a blog that I have started to talk about my experience in living with Bipolar II (with major depressive episodes), Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and living in the country.

I am in my late 30s (where did all the years go? I still feel like I am a teenager!) and I have been living with mental illness since my early teens, if not earlier. So I think I have some stuff to say about mental illness, living with mental illness and mental health services. To add to my self-proclaimed ‘expertise’ I also have a partner who suffers from depression and just to add the icing to the cake, I am a qualified social worker and counsellor and have been working in the field for 14 years. So I think I can approach the issues from several different angles which can prove interesting to say the least! I am going by the name ‘Hoot’ here as a/I like owls (apparently they are wise and I figure I need all the help I can get!) and b/ I like to remind myself that ‘Life is a Hoot’ (however you wish to interpret that!)

I hope you find at least some of what I have to say as interesting if not insightful and that we can increase our combined knowledge and decrease the stigma and ignorance surrounding mental health issues and mental illness.

Thanks for reading!






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  1. Will be following this one with interest – kudos to you!

  2. Hi Hoot
    We have the same bipolar and anxiety conditions. Aren’t we lucky to have the same diagnosis?
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today. What a schamozzle that whole scenario was for me! But what can you do?
    Both of us are there for the greater good. Bipolar is so stigmatised. I overheard in a cafe just this week: “She must be bipolar.” Yeah and you are a psychiatrist?
    At least we are not alone.
    L x

    • Thanks for dropping by Madam Bipolar! I adore your blog – you inspire me! Isn’t it a joyful diagnosis? (not!) But strength in numbers and all that! I have a twitter account under hoot2hoot and I have followed you on Twitter. xx


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